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Horse Power Equestrian Club

horsepower-equestrian-fa.jpgWelcome to our homepage

Horse Power Equestrian Club embraces the rights for all equestrian lovers.
Our Club strives to maintain a happy atmosphere and encourage all riders to come together to enjoy our sport anmd compete at their chosen level. 
Horse Power Equestrian Club Inc is a supportive equestrian group providing riders with access to quality instructors.
Cranbourne HorsePower are our proud sponsors affiliated with Horse Power Equestrian Club Inc.

News and Events

David Boyle Equestrian Dressage Clinic - Sunday 29th March
David Boyle has been riding and training dressage horses for over 10 years and in that time has been focused on producing horses that are light, supple and submissive to the riders aids.
In Davids years of riding he has been fortunate to ride and work under some fantastic international riders, each of them adding to the system he now uses on a daily basis.
DB Equestrian has excellent facilities and friendly environment.