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"Rug Cleaning Service"

Cranbourne HorsePower have available a full Washing and Reproofing service

We highly recommend that rugs and blankets be cleaned on a regular basis even if you choose to clean them yourself.

The worst thing that many people do is to store dirty rugs and blankets for the summer. Dirty items stored during winter make a great place for spiders, insects and rodents to live.

Heat and moisture bake in all the ammonias into the fabric weakening them and leaving permanent stains. When you are ready to store them make certain you clean them first it will save you $$$.

All Prices as at 01/06/2016

Cleaning Services:

Canvas Combo $33.00

Synthetic Combos $30.00

Canvas & Woollen Rugs $29.00

Synthetic Rugs $28.00

Summer Cotton Combos $18.00

Summer Cotton Rugs $16.00

Saddle Blankets $14.00


Waterproofing services will only be available if we launder items first

All Rugs $35.00


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